Sunday, October 11, 2015

Fine Dining at Carr's and a Stop at Dutch Haven

Our Lancaster getaway was short, but sweet. As I mentioned in my previous post, the proprietress at our B&B at the Creekside Inn not only served delicious breads during breakfast, but she also slipped them on a plate and put them on a dresser near our bed, lest we might be a tad under the 3,500 calorie mark for the day.

The first night of our stay we returned to the LancasterCentral Market area and enjoyed a delicious meal at Carr’s. I ordered the steak and cake, which came with a small filet topped with crab, creamy scalloped potatoes and a crab cake topped with a remoulade sauce. My steak was done to perfection, but you have to make a very special crab cake to warrant a rave from me. I prefer mine made with very few breadcrumbs. My husband very much enjoyed his lamb trio, which consisted of a leg, burger and sausage. He said the sausage was unbeatable, the burger was moist and flavorful and the leg slices were enhanced by a top-notch tzatziki.

Dinner at Carr's in Lancaster

Service was attentive and our waitress was pleasant. When the bill came, Mike acted surprised, so of course I couldn’t stop laughing at this face.

On to the Touristy Stuff

After another wonderful breakfast at the Creekside Inn, we made our way to Dutch Haven in Ronks, a kitschy Amish Country landmark, best known for its shoofly pie and its oversized, illuminated windmill that rotates, beckoning visitors to stop and have a look.

Dutch Haven in Ronks is a Lancaster County landmark

The minute we set foot in the door, we were presented with another sweet treat by a helpful staffer. Can you guess what it was? Why, shoofly pie, of course—with a side of whipped cream. My mother made quite a few shoofly pies back in the day and those unfamiliar with the popular Pennsylvania Dutch dessert have likely been spared the yawn-inducing wet bottom vs. dry bottom debate and ’ll kindly spare everyone the details. 

Let’s just say I’ve never been a fan of either, but I have to admit that this one was exceptional, with a nicely balanced flavor, which is to say it wasn’t as cloyingly sweet as I remember.

Prepare to spend about a half hour browsing the variety of merchandise from Amish furniture, to souvenirs, jewelry, jellies and jams. I purchase a jar of pepper jelly to pair with cream cheese for my holiday entertaining.

Here’s a great video of what visitors can expect at Dutch Haven from my friends over at Retro Roadmap:

Next Stop: Amish Village